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LeCoultre A11 WeemsZaf10-07-14  07:54 am
LeRoy military watch?Zaf08-24-14  10:43 am
WW2 Jaeger Le CoutureZaf09-05-13  10:10 am
Black face trench watchDiscountshop07-31-13  10:07 am
WW2 watch pocket real or fake?Zaf07-09-13  03:47 pm
WW2 CYMA WatchJohnmac03-08-13  02:36 pm
Military Hamiltons WWIIAgee02-07-13  03:58 pm
Elgin Military Cal.580 w/bakelite enclosure Zaf01-20-13  09:50 am
Military record watchZaf12-04-12  04:29 pm
RAF chronograph Mk.IIZaf11-09-12  06:41 am
Zaf plz id these two DH watchesEmmett10-25-12  03:49 am
J. Auricoste MINISTERE DE LA GUERRE WatchAuricosteabemadi06-18-12  06:20 am
ROLEX SKY-ROCKETZaf06-17-12  06:48 pm
1910 Brevet stirling silver wrist watchMucker4205-20-12  07:54 pm
Help identify this, please? ww1?Zaf05-02-12  10:50 am
GS MK II, more information please? Zaf05-02-12  10:49 am
Omega 14ct 28 caliberZaf03-16-12  04:33 pm
Help identify this, please? ww1?Zaf03-14-12  08:06 am
Lemania chrono swedenZaf02-25-12  10:06 am
Herm bark kiel stop watchAfx2000001-29-12  03:36 am
BeobachtungsuhrZaf12-07-11  09:01 pm
Omega WWWZaf10-24-11  06:32 am
Longines Lindbergh and 30 ZNWatchman1109-07-11  10:33 am
Need help on TutimaZaf08-19-11  04:15 pm
JLC - WWW - F12216Ticker06-22-11  02:41 am
Soviet MARK pilot watchZaf06-12-11  08:24 am
Junghans WW2 U-Boot, any good?Zaf04-29-11  05:41 pm
Watch Procured During WWIIUhrensaemmler10 04-01-11  06:35 am
Looking for a case back, zenith special large size watch 41 mmUhrensaemmler04-01-11  06:21 am
German watch help!Uhrensaemmler10 03-31-11  09:53 am
JLC WWWZaf03-08-11  06:47 am
JLC 6b/159 real or fake?James189913 02-14-11  01:17 am
Gallet NavigatorZaf01-27-11  08:34 am
NAZI POCKET WATCHSunnyboy12-07-10  12:53 pm
Air Force Longines watch from Second World WarZaf11-30-10  07:51 am
Iwc mark xi british army issueZaf21 11-19-10  09:39 pm
Orfina Porsche Design CrownZaf10-19-10  01:39 pm
Watch dialZaf10-05-10  08:20 am
Gallet 46374D type 3 - Prototype or Franken??Xpatusa09-30-10  02:14 pm
Longines A11 WeemsAlebel08-23-10  03:17 pm
JLC MilitaryZaf07-08-10  09:20 pm
WantedSpiro1306-16-10  08:42 pm
Laco Luftwaffe?Zaf06-03-10  01:39 pm
Ulysse Nardin B-Uhr?Fagin05-12-10  09:01 am
Rolex WW1 gift watchZaf04-10-10  09:22 am
Movado vintage military watchZaf03-29-10  07:28 am
Turler German aviator watch. Help me find out about itZaf03-24-10  06:22 pm
AIr Force issue Weems or civilianZaf03-21-10  06:48 pm
Omega 53 - who was it issued toZaf03-04-10  06:21 am
Help with U.S. Navy WatchZaf03-02-10  08:11 am
IWC WWW secondhandAlebel02-26-10  05:44 pm
Nazi pocket watch help ?Pobear02-08-10  11:18 am
Can you help me learn about this watch?Jimh02-03-10  07:09 pm
Russian military navy watchZaf01-05-10  11:54 am
Movado military watch pics need infoZaf12-15-09  12:24 pm
Movado military watch need info pleaseTrinationalman12-10-09  11:54 am
IWC 6B/346Wombinolatino10-20-09  07:24 am
How do I post pictures of watches ?Jimh17 10-09-09  07:42 am
Old saying about pilots watchesBombardier10-08-09  09:44 pm
Iwc luftwaffe big pilots watchZaf10-01-09  02:05 pm
Knil Jaeger le Coultre- IWC Mk XZaf09-29-09  08:27 am
Glarus 1892 Eidengenossisches Schutzenfest Pocket WatchZaf12 09-28-09  09:24 am
Elgin A- 11 movement and dial needed!Bombardier09-25-09  03:33 am
Luftwaffe watchesBombardier09-23-09  07:17 pm
A military chronograph that remains mysteriousZaf09-21-09  06:24 am
Need help to identify this flieger watchBombardier15 09-20-09  12:21 pm
Need help restoring vintage pocket watch: Breitling/WakmannBombardier09-14-09  10:26 am
GI issue hack watchZaf09-03-09  12:10 pm
Longines - Wittnauer Navigation Master WatchBombardier12 09-01-09  09:18 am
Looking for info on Vintage Military Pilot watchBombardier08-31-09  01:20 pm
Longines pocket watchZaf08-17-09  03:16 pm
Girard Perregaux seahawkZaf07-14-09  09:29 am
Junghans 1938Zaf06-18-09  06:20 am
JLC Mark10Zaf05-18-09  06:21 pm
DEVERON JEWERLY Tonyraymond03-21-09  08:24 pm
JägerZaf03-06-09  08:19 am
Wakmann aircraft clockZaf03-03-09  01:18 pm
Swiss 40's Defender 17jZaf01-02-09  05:39 pm
JLC Mark XIZaf01-02-09  05:38 pm
Waltham Military Watch (Mystery?)Zaf10 01-02-09  05:37 pm
Vintage Movado Military Watch - Info neededZaf01-02-09  05:36 pm
A few German pieces: collected during and immediately after the wa...Zaf12-08-08  09:31 pm
Military/nazi pocket watchZaf09-24-08  07:10 pm
Longines Bicentennial Watch 1976Zaf09-24-08  05:23 pm
German presentation aviator's pocket watchJames_d08-24-08  02:18 pm
Pocket Watch with swastika Zaf08-22-08  12:07 pm
PAGE GERMAN DHKlaus08-19-08  05:06 am
WWII German Pocket WatchesZaf08-12-08  02:35 pm
Vintage Hamilton USN BUSHIPS wristwatchTomahawk07-05-08  09:23 am
Hamilton Frogman/Canteen wristwatchZaf06-02-08  08:08 am
I have a Junghans 29a stopwatch.Zaf05-31-08  03:44 pm
Interesting Longines WeemsZaf10 05-13-08  07:37 am
Exists underwater clock with voice recorder? Callum05-12-08  04:59 pm
J.Auricoste type 20 missing ringZaf04-29-08  03:01 pm
Nazi pocket watchOldfashioned04-19-08  07:21 pm
TAVANNES / wadsworthZaf04-12-08  08:21 am
"Examined By"Corps of Engineer's watchZaf04-10-08  06:55 pm
Lemania Zaf03-21-08  12:08 pm
Vintage IWC PilotZaf03-03-08  07:38 am
Help with Pocket Watch...Roundy02-28-08  03:57 pm
CCCP Pocket watch 1941~1945Keldin02-12-08  04:23 pm
Wehrmacht ChronographSw18x02-02-08  02:51 pm
Nazi Pocket WatchSlade01-30-08  08:04 pm
Montauk watchCbell01-27-08  08:46 pm
Inquiry -WW2 vintage Helvetia military watch repair/info needed???Zaf12 01-17-08  04:33 pm
Nazi pocket watch.Zaf01-16-08  11:29 am
Molnija Nazi Pocket WatchZaf01-07-08  07:34 am
Civilian Omega 6B/159?Zaf01-04-08  12:22 pm
DTU 2-A/PZaf11-26-07  04:25 pm
Welcome to the vintage military watch forum! Zaf16 11-25-07  03:14 pm
Heuer Norwegian issued chrono?Zaf11-25-07  03:13 pm
IWC Mark XIZaf11-19-07  09:18 pm
Cyma brit-issue pwZaf11-01-07  08:40 am
Omega 53 'thin arrow'Zaf11-01-07  08:38 am
JLC Mk XI 6B/346 No 3352/48Zaf10-23-07  07:44 am
WW1 WatchZaf09-21-07  10:46 am
"Aviation " Pocket watchZaf08-24-07  04:56 am
Help with vintage gubelin watchZaf07-31-07  01:29 pm
New Vintage Watches Site LaunchZaf07-13-07  10:44 am
Record WWW - ? Hands and more Zaf06-30-07  08:48 pm
BREITLING 605ABeemerbob06-29-07  04:37 pm
2 times Nazi- pocket watch. Who can help?Grunn05-15-07  05:55 pm
Re: Omega US ArmyBlgg04-03-07  02:04 pm
British WWW/GranaMd36203-05-07  07:53 pm
Bogus or ? Zaf02-28-07  06:02 pm
Re-Lume watch handsZaf02-12-07  01:26 pm
WWII German Pocket WatchZaf02-08-07  07:24 am
About vintage military Breguet type XXChristian01-17-07  11:44 am
Swedish three crowns Heuer chrono - value ?? Zaf01-16-07  09:05 am
Waltham type A-17 canteen watchZaf12-19-06  09:53 am
Breitling military pocket watchZaf11-23-06  11:18 pm
Mil jlc with cal 470 - Possible ?Zaf11-23-06  03:36 pm
Timor wristwatch waterproofJdh11-20-06  02:24 pm
Longines siderograph or star time deck watchAndre G.10-03-06  12:30 am
Black faced trench watchZaf09-29-06  10:44 pm
Longines BroadArrow info neededZaf09-29-06  08:37 am
1928 OmegaZaf09-28-06  12:29 pm
Original hands on this WWW JCL or not ?Zaf08-28-06  12:03 pm
I found a watch, and i need helpZaf08-10-06  02:37 pm
Is this a genuine piece ?Zaf08-06-06  07:26 am
KM siegerin wristwatch what is this?james dominic07-27-06  06:54 am
Auricoste French Diver's WatchesZaf06-05-06  06:22 pm
Avia Cadet 1940's ???Zaf06-05-06  06:21 pm
New addition - Omega US Armygatorcpa06-04-06  01:23 am
JLC Mark x ValueAbba05-22-06  03:45 pm
Zenith cairelli chronographBuzz Rickson05-22-06  06:40 am
Zenith cairelli chronographBuzz Rickson05-22-06  06:38 am
Looking for Tornek-Rayville TR-900Brian Dumais05-18-06  10:16 am
MIL-W-46374B spring vs fixed barsHex onX05-10-06  10:42 am
Real Blancpain?Zaf05-09-06  11:48 pm
Omega SM 300Zaf05-08-06  06:25 pm
Longines German Military D 3413 H Zaf14 05-04-06  12:15 pm
Military JLC - 6 e/8 84 markings ?Abba10 04-26-06  07:13 pm
Argentinian Tudor?Darren Green04-21-06  01:01 pm
RECORD 10034jean claude04-15-06  01:08 am
German Military WatchZaf04-14-06  12:02 pm
Oversize Longines militarytopkapi04-11-06  08:31 pm
What Do you Know About This Zodiac?Zaf04-11-06  11:04 am
Is this real Zaf?Zaf04-04-06  11:18 am
Benrus WWI Pocket Watch - Value?Patrick Dillon04-04-06  09:33 am
Is this for real ? Zaf04-03-06  09:56 am
LEMANIA CHRONOGRAPHZaf03-21-06  10:27 am
TudorZaf03-13-06  07:41 pm
IWC Mark X MOD dialZaf12-09-05  01:04 pm
German Arsa Pocket WatchZaf11-26-05  10:08 pm
Waltham A-17Zaf11-11-05  01:16 pm
Waltham Military Air-Pilot Watch Zaf10-13-05  10:17 am
CCCP military wrist auctionsHex Onx09-28-05  01:17 pm I am very sad to share thisJaeDawkins06-08-05  01:10 pm
I have a watch...Zaf05-04-05  12:19 pm
Are those genuine? LeCoultre "military look, 50's, like NOS"...Zaf13 04-07-05  05:15 pm
Hanhart flyback chrono.manish.11-08-04  08:08 am
Advice sought for care of watchZaf09-14-04  07:29 am
Marine nationale tudorpaul08-19-04  02:47 am
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