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Hassle with the repait authorized senterZaf02-03-15  08:09 am
For you brave souls...the new JLC forum is hereZaf01-29-15  11:16 am
Jlc woman watch helpPartyboy01-23-15  06:37 pm
Help Identifying WatchDarkman01-23-15  02:38 pm
Gold watch...Dorit01-23-15  01:04 pm
Require help in IDHenrychinhl01-23-15  10:00 am
Vintage JLC Reverso face tarnishingZaf01-21-15  03:49 pm
Need help identifying vintage JLCZaf01-20-15  07:13 am
Jaeger lecoultre grande reveilDjumokaiser01-15-15  07:11 pm
Memovox 855 dial identificationJmbinette01-14-15  06:58 pm
Identify a LeCoultre Bschelle01-12-15  03:34 pm
Mystery JLCFranz_rivo01-12-15  04:25 am
Reference help PleaseJsimpson01-08-15  10:52 am
'50s LeCoultre 3 Register Chronograph with Valjoux 72Burlsube01-07-15  03:19 pm
Please help dating my JLCWadith01-07-15  01:15 pm
Memovox K825Rdenney12-28-14  02:07 pm
Real or fake???Zaf12-24-14  10:34 am
Cushion-case Memovox, blue dial Zaf12-15-14  03:58 pm
Dating my JLCMarcel4112-13-14  05:53 pm
Memovox - dial and hands ?Zaf12-13-14  09:46 am
Intro and mid-40's JLC, caliber P450/4CRdenney10 12-12-14  02:04 pm
Dating my JLCRdenney12-08-14  07:45 pm
Memovox - dial and hands ?Darlinboy12-04-14  06:56 pm
Another what do you think of this photoZaf12-02-14  05:53 pm
Gübelin questionNorver11-24-14  04:40 am
What is this watch worth Ilja11-23-14  05:16 pm
Geophysic ref 2985Ilja11-23-14  05:07 pm
What do you guys think of this?Tommyz2411-21-14  01:10 am
LeCoultre with blue gemstone crownZaf11-18-14  01:59 pm
Request evaluation Jaeger Le Coultre triple pointer date - steel & ...Tramunt11-17-14  04:27 am
Case and movement numberPedefede11-15-14  01:01 am
Request evaluation Jaeger Le Coultre triple pointer date - steel & ...Tramunt11-13-14  05:39 am
Help!!Zaf11-12-14  05:05 pm
Lady vintage JLCZaf11-11-14  08:18 am
JLC P478/C questionNorver11-04-14  05:01 am
QuestionPecanackv11-02-14  11:14 am
JLC K881 authentic?Bhoboo11-01-14  10:52 pm
Info pleaseZaf11-01-14  08:47 am
Jaeger-LeCoultre AutomaticZaf10-30-14  07:45 am
Jaeger-LeCoulter date?Zaf10-30-14  07:43 am
Need help identifying year of LeCoultre FuturematicJacw00114 10-26-14  02:09 am
Anything real?Tlsv10-23-14  04:10 pm
In remembrance of Günter BlümleinIlja10-20-14  11:16 am
Calling GregbRdenney10-17-14  01:15 pm
Is it real Jaeger-LeCoultre? Nata_p10-14-14  11:41 am
Geomatic production date helpZaf10-13-14  12:47 pm
Memovox E855 question about alarm discPhranz10-12-14  09:31 pm
A Vintage Memovox K825 that never has been openedPhranz10-07-14  09:07 am
When was the change of the Memovox alarm to "gong" sound?Phranz10-01-14  11:12 am
JLC SharkZaf09-30-14  05:19 pm
Vintage JLC Dial Bhoboo09-29-14  12:32 pm
Lecolture watch questionZaf09-29-14  07:55 am
Should the crown on automatic JLC Master Control Calendar recoil af...Timewatchliker09-27-14  07:06 pm
Vintage JLC MemovoxZaf09-09-14  06:47 am
Question about vintage 40's JCLZaf09-05-14  08:55 am
Authenticity Check, Unusual Black-Dialed Triple Date LecoultreModest_proposal08-27-14  03:41 pm
Jaeger-LeCoultre RHEA HistoryFahalr08-27-14  12:18 am
Difference between 146.8.97 and 146.8.97/1Tgenoyer08-25-14  11:23 am
How does this one look for authenticity?Gatorcpa11 08-24-14  09:07 pm
Model?Zaf08-24-14  12:50 pm
Lecoultre 813Zaf08-24-14  12:47 pm
Caliber k881 1962Zaf08-22-14  08:10 am
My late Fathers watchZaf08-22-14  08:06 am
Info on leCoultre wrist alarmZaf08-22-14  08:04 am
JLC 1961 "Ultra Thin"?Rudyb08-16-14  04:02 pm
Hunting for a vintage JLC -- adviceWatchhunt08-14-14  04:53 pm
Jlc geophysic 1958Zaf08-07-14  08:19 am
Lecoutre quartermasterRgordon08-06-14  08:45 am
Jlc chronograph valjoux 72Ltjbukem08-05-14  08:03 pm
How to find the reference number on my JLCZaf08-05-14  09:59 am
Moonphase LeCoultre 1950s? Authentic ?Zaf11 08-01-14  08:23 am
WTB OEM GAY FRERES bracelet for Memovox E 855 (circa 1967)Menomena07-31-14  11:06 am
1940s Round Dial Triple Date Moon PhasePaw4q07-31-14  10:49 am
WTB JLC Polaris 2 hands NOS or salvagedQueuecumber07-30-14  12:08 pm
JLC E163 ? No, according with JLC !Corsaire7507-23-14  03:55 pm
WTB: Domed Acrylic Crystal for Memovox E 855Zaf07-23-14  12:00 pm
Vintage Watch, help appreciatedZaf07-23-14  08:15 am
Dating Jaeger chronograph - cal. UG 245Zaf07-22-14  04:38 pm
JLC Triple Date Alarm ClockZaf07-22-14  04:37 pm
Model unknownZaf07-22-14  04:35 pm
JLC Triple DateZaf07-16-14  09:29 am
1945 JLC, caliber ??? Zaf07-13-14  09:24 am
Tank Style LeCoultre WatchZaf07-13-14  09:23 am
Vintage Watch Info NeededJaquin07-09-14  10:10 pm
Automatic jumboCorsaire7507-09-14  03:35 pm
Futurematic E500Corsaire7507-09-14  03:11 pm
Your opinion about this FuturematicZaf07-04-14  05:01 pm
Help with Vintage ID again :/ But it's a cool one :-)...Nar0bin107-03-14  07:40 pm
Memovox speedbeat legitJonesghuk07-03-14  04:05 pm
JLC Memovox Gt (Cal. 825)Zaf07-02-14  05:48 pm
What kinda Jaeger LeCoultre is this one ?Tuki06-30-14  08:14 am
Need help identifying this watch pleaseTuki06-28-14  06:26 pm
Information regarding dial and hand design on Master MarinerZaf06-27-14  08:49 am
Vintage LeCoultre Doctors WatchNar0bin106-16-14  06:36 pm
Found this watch... How old/how much?Gatorcpa06-12-14  10:44 am
Please help identifySmorgan011106-11-14  07:15 pm
Please help identifySmorgan011106-11-14  06:46 pm
Found this watch... How old/how much?Whatisthis7506-08-14  12:52 pm
Need Help to identify model, model number, age and value of JLC watchPatch6606-05-14  09:38 am
Please help me with this watchZaf06-05-14  09:24 am
Help to identify and Value my late Fathers watchZaf06-05-14  09:21 am
Help to identify my watchZaf05-29-14  10:58 am
Reverso referencenumberAlslater05-23-14  06:40 am
Redial? Or truly original?Zaf05-01-14  10:35 am
Help Identifying LeCoultre MemovoxZaf04-29-14  02:55 pm
Vintage JLC - what's the name of the model?Ilja04-28-14  03:31 pm
Vintage JLC with P469/C movementNt93104-23-14  10:04 am
Basic vintage for IDAndyl04-22-14  10:44 pm
Need help dating and valuing a LeCoultre watchZaf04-22-14  08:21 pm
1974 JLC identificationJlc200004-15-14  12:15 pm
Need help IDing a 18K LeCoultre watch - date? value?Jeffsacks104-14-14  08:34 am
LE COULTRE Vintage Bumpermatic Power ReserveAwillie04-11-14  08:19 pm
Help please identifying this pocket watchZaf04-11-14  06:45 pm
Real or fake?Alvin04-04-14  01:10 am
Dial Style?Rahible03-28-14  04:30 pm
Trying to identify watch ageZaf03-25-14  08:18 am
Been searching for a whileGkeiller03-18-14  09:43 pm
1940's LeCoultre AutomaticZaf03-12-14  05:18 pm
Need expertshelp to identify an Lecoultre pocket watch!Zaf03-04-14  06:49 pm
Vintage LecoultreZaf02-26-14  06:16 pm
eBay find LeCoultre Power Reserve. What does everyone think? Zaf13 02-24-14  03:33 pm
Help with my JLCIlja02-17-14  11:47 am
Help with Jaeger IDGco31002-10-14  12:22 am
JaegerToros02-07-14  01:55 pm
Vintage Perpetual CalendarIcenet_562360001-29-14  01:11 pm
Info jaegerAxlbcn01-26-14  03:31 pm
Archived Messages 2013Ilja646 160 12-17-13  03:47 pm
Info: Jaeger ChronographZaf01-26-14  12:20 pm
Vintage JLC question. Omarhk01-18-14  04:36 am
Any info?Zaf01-16-14  03:49 pm
LeCoultre Cal. 29 Ilja01-16-14  02:32 am
Vintage Lecoultre Memovox ????Bkny01-15-14  10:48 am
1990's Heraion BezelZaf01-14-14  02:27 pm
New (to me) JLCZaf01-13-14  08:33 pm
Jaegere-leCoultre MemovoxZaf01-09-14  10:45 am
Lecoultre 910 casing clampsZaf01-08-14  09:28 am
My Dad's JLC from the early 1970'sZaf01-06-14  11:18 am
Vintage model with no info...Yoop01-06-14  03:43 am
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