As a indication of rarity or collectibly please use the following guide. Keep in mind that these are subjective, so the photos provided with the detailed description of each watch remains the best indicator of the item's condition.

New Old Stock - Never worn, though case may show some minor storage marks and may even show marks from being opened to inspect the movement. Overall watch = 98-100%

Mint - Close to NOS. Worn but shows very little wear. No brassing on gold filled cases, although minor scratches may be present. Dials are free of imperfections. New redials are shown as mint. Overall watch = 95%+.

Near Mint - Worn with some minor wear. No brassing on gold filled cases, scratches are present although not unattractive. Dials are clean but may show slight discoloration. Overall watch = 90%+.

Excellent - Shows slight normal wear. Slight brassing on back of gold filled cases or lug bottoms. Dials may show minor imperfections and discoloration. Overall watch = 80%+.

Very Good - Shows normal wear. Brassing on back and minor brassing on top of gold filled watches. Dials may show stains or scratches or heavy discoloration. Overall watch = 70%+.

Good/Average - Shows heavier than average wear. Brassing and possible dents or dings. Dials unattractive. Overall watch = 50%+.

Fair/Below Average - Some damage or other serious problems. Functional as a holding case only. Not collectable except in a very rare item. Dials unattractive or discolored to the point where it should be refinished.

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