vintage(pre 1940s)watch makers/repair desk'parts/tools.

Answering questions regarding the repair and maintenance of vintage watches.
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vintage(pre 1940s)watch makers/repair desk'parts/tools.

Post by susiej*10 » Wed Feb 25, 2015 7:42 pm

i recently purchased a storage trailer 'full' of 'NOS',& used antique & vintage watches,jewlers cases of parts,several 'boxes' of nos, high end stems,crowns,hand sets,misc boxes of new& used parts in packages,a 'FLEXO-crystal" 12 drawer case,full of NOS,packaged crystals(about 1400),a watch makers pin press,with 2 full sets,1 new,pins/punches,engraving bits,ect,ect,a "WATCH-MASTER"rate counter/recorder,with book,an old school,swirl type 4 jar jewlery /parts cleaner,Wscreens/jars,some books,plus about 12-14 vintage watches/works,mostly swiss watches/parts,some early1900s american stuff,& way too much to list/show sell individually!,i'm looking for 1,or more real,experenced maker/repairers to help me 'find' the right home for this package,& to possible discuss repairing 'several' vintage,quality watches for myself(personal collection),according to the 'lables'
most of these nos parts are for Bulova,Longines,omega,Elgin,rolex,gruen,Benrus,A-Schild,ETA,Fleurier,,& many others,in their 'BESTFIT" cases,in their glass,from the papers i'v found,alot of these NOS parts came from "NORDMAN&AURICH",in S.F. CALIF.,i'm just an amature collector,& am in way over my head!,any advice/help dealing with this 'lot' of pieces would be great!,HELP?,thank you for the time.

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Re: vintage(pre 1940s)watch makers/repair desk'parts/tools.

Post by zafbasha » Fri Feb 27, 2015 11:26 am

It really depends what your plan is and how much time you want to spend on it.

Are you selling it as one lot, do you want to break it up by brand, etc. The more time you put into it the more it will fetch, but time is money!

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