Omega gold watch

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2) Model number if known.
3) The case material, Silver, Steel or Gold, etc.
4) Case diameter & overall condition.

Due to the demands placed on my mailbox, I do not answer such inquires by direct mail. You must post your question here. Direct eMails regarding appraisals will be deleted and not answered.

Please note: Almost ALL the small ladies "cocktail" watches of brands such as Bulova, Gruen, Hamilton, etc., with gold trading at record prices are trading at or near scrap.
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Omega gold watch

Post by MTP-DC » Fri Jun 11, 2021 8:09 am

Small Omega ladies' gold watch, handed down in family, midcentury or earlier. Dial approx. 5/8 inch in diameter. Weight approx. 0.7 oz. Nothing on the back. Strap is gold tightly woven into a flexible band. Condition unknown; I haven’t tried to wind it.

I understand that small ladies' vintage watches are mainly saleable for scrap. Roughly what kind of value could one expect? And how would one go about selling it? I'm in DC, if it matters.

I also have a Baume & Mercier that I will post separately. Thanks very much.

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