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Girard PerregauxJhamner12-26-09  05:46 pm
LADIES RODANIA WATCHZaf12-26-09  12:21 pm
Watches i acquired CHEAP :-)...Zaf12-26-09  12:20 pm
Ladies Baume MercierPsenft12-24-09  11:51 am
Adam and Eve Pocket watchRocketrtch12-17-09  05:57 am
Vintage Ladies 14k/Diamond bracelet watchZaf12-17-09  05:00 am
1930's 14K Bracelet Watch/Panther linkZaf12-14-09  09:49 am
Movado watchZaf12-14-09  09:46 am
Waltham Ladies Wrist Watch Zaf12-08-09  08:53 am
1865 Waltham Civil War Pocket WatchZaf12-08-09  08:52 am
Rolex Explorer IIZaf12-07-09  06:55 pm
Croton ladies watchSag11712-02-09  08:53 am
Albert watchZaf11-30-09  05:04 am
Benrus watch valueZaf11-28-09  09:05 am
JCL VALUEBiggamejames11-25-09  10:34 am
JCL VALUEBiggamejames11-24-09  11:03 pm
Lady's Bucherer 18K. ValueZaf10 11-23-09  10:07 pm
Men's Bucherer 18 K Daddyswatch11-21-09  12:35 pm
Longines nautilus skin diver watch (1964?)Zaf11-19-09  08:53 pm
Van Cleef & Arpels Cadenas watchZaf11-19-09  04:57 pm
JlC Thrift Store FindRaygun11-16-09  05:47 pm
Movado Calendomatic Two ToneZaf11-16-09  04:25 pm
Vintage Movado KingmaticZaf11-16-09  04:24 pm
Baume Geneve appraisalZaf11-16-09  04:23 pm
Gubelin 18k Men's wrist watch valueZaf11-13-09  08:27 am
14k Mathey Tissot Watch Bracelet - vintageZaf11-11-09  09:26 am
Vintage Ladies Elgin WatchZaf11-05-09  03:19 pm
Could I ask what this is worth?Zaf11-02-09  03:56 pm
Mathey-TissotZaf11-02-09  08:58 am
Baume et Mercier gold watchZaf10-27-09  01:35 pm
Bulova watch M4Zaf10-27-09  11:37 am
Pulsar WatchZaf10-27-09  10:58 am
Audemars piguetGregb10-23-09  04:31 pm
Omega Constellation 18k 1973 modelZaf10-21-09  09:47 am
Bulova rolled white gold ladies watchZaf10-21-09  09:46 am
1930's Ladies Hamilton Platinum Diamond WatchZaf10-21-09  09:44 am
1930 small faced 9 ct gold helvitia mans watchBryanjamespryce10-15-09  09:24 am
Vintage Jaeger_LeCoultre ladiesZaf10-14-09  06:54 am
Doxa-special vintage ConquistadorRabidus_deus10-12-09  02:19 pm
14K LeCoultureZaf10-01-09  08:46 am
Value of 1940's LeCoultre Automatic WatchZaf09-25-09  06:30 am
Baume et Mercier Missplacd09-22-09  09:50 pm
Help NeededZaf09-22-09  05:57 pm
14k Gold Angelus Mens WatchZaf09-21-09  01:42 pm
My old RolexBombardier09-16-09  03:31 pm
Omega watchZaf09-16-09  02:33 pm
Men's GP Gyromatic DateKlai09-16-09  10:27 am
Longine's 1950 ladies wristwatchZaf09-15-09  06:32 am
Longines weemsZaf09-10-09  07:06 am
Older Patek Philippe, mov# 126-9-618??Zaf09-10-09  06:43 am
Leonidas ChronoJimh09-09-09  08:15 am
Longines Ultra-Chron WatchZaf09-04-09  08:16 am
Baume Watch EnquiryZaf09-03-09  12:46 pm
Breitling CadetteZaf08-28-09  09:50 am
John Harrison watchZaf08-25-09  07:55 am
Ostara DatamaticZaf08-23-09  07:25 am
Omega Seamaster 1969-70Ks_watch08-22-09  11:49 am
1954 OmegaSeanmcg08-18-09  11:09 pm
Charles Nicolet Tramelan ChronographLdo7908-17-09  06:44 pm
1920 HAMILTON POCKET WATCHJbarry08-15-09  02:01 pm
Waltham pocket watchZaf08-13-09  11:26 am
Gold Omega Constellation Integrated LineZaf08-13-09  11:21 am
HELP! H Golay Kew Certificate Class "A" Pocket WatchZaf08-13-09  11:19 am
Rolex Perpetual dated 66-68 not completeRenee_g08-10-09  03:09 pm
Archived messages 2008Cbb730 213 12-22-08  08:52 pm
Old OmegaZaf08-09-09  01:30 am
Leo Juvet Pocket Watch...Zaf08-09-09  01:29 am
Grandmother's gold RolexZaf08-09-09  01:28 am
Cypress watch?Zaf08-09-09  01:25 am
Elgin ladies watchZaf08-09-09  01:24 am
Antique ladies watchHoosierjery08-08-09  06:53 am
Lanco 15 jewl gold pocket watchWildsailorman08-05-09  01:56 am
Record watchJohno3807-30-09  06:05 am
1918? Omega Rose Gold Men's WatchNarref207-23-09  03:59 pm
Movado SE ladies watchZaf07-22-09  09:05 am
WITTNAUER WATCH INFOZaf07-22-09  09:04 am
Grandmothers WatchZaf07-22-09  09:03 am
WOMENS OMEGA WRISTWATCHZaf07-22-09  09:03 am
Mens Bulova Watch Zaf07-22-09  09:02 am
Ladies Kelbert WatchZaf07-12-09  10:32 am
Need help identifying Jaeger LeCoultre watchTanjwb07-10-09  10:51 pm
Ladies Elgin Wrist Watch Goldfilled Diamond Accented Wrist Watch 3943Desireedoll07-10-09  06:16 pm
Longines Pocket Watch No. 2154Desireedoll07-10-09  05:56 pm
Venus ladies watch what it is worth?Zaf07-07-09  09:47 pm
1981 OmegaSlickbrave07-07-09  06:21 pm
Longines Silver Pocket Watch 1891Zaf06-30-09  12:34 pm
LADIES WATCHZaf06-30-09  12:33 pm
Le jour watchZaf06-28-09  05:04 pm
Vintage Bulova divers watchScott702206-14-09  03:21 pm
17 Jewel Rotary Watch Zaf06-13-09  05:09 pm
Cartier ladies 14 k gold solid link band Empey21 06-11-09  05:37 pm
Longines Model 2607Zaf06-10-09  10:13 am
Omega Constellation Integrated Line 1970Zaf06-08-09  06:07 pm
1923-1924 Longines (with pics) Zaf06-08-09  06:58 am
BulovaZaf06-03-09  08:05 am
B&B ROYAL 20 Yrs/ EXCELSIORZaf06-02-09  02:35 pm
Mido tri gold?Zaf06-01-09  05:41 pm
Bulova 18kt WatchZaf05-28-09  11:56 am
Bulova watch serial # 6495604Zaf05-27-09  10:37 pm
Bulova Watch NRA with original boxZaf05-26-09  01:46 pm
18k Mens LeCoultre Fancy LugsZaf05-25-09  05:43 pm
Bulova Watch NRA with original boxMama2taterlou05-25-09  02:30 pm
Oversize SS Favre Leuba/ Jaeger Lecoultre MemovoxZaf05-14-09  06:49 am
SheffieldZaf05-12-09  06:45 am
MinervaZaf05-12-09  06:45 am
LonginesZaf05-12-09  06:44 am
Omega Zaf05-12-09  06:43 am
Ladies Vintage PiagetGregb05-06-09  02:09 am
Bulova Men's Watch - RoseZaf05-04-09  09:46 am
Vintage Zenith (60's?)Zen04-29-09  10:20 am
Blancpain Fifty FathomsZaf04-26-09  12:18 pm
Sentimental or Worth SomethingGregb04-22-09  12:43 pm
Bucherer 18kt Ladies Tank WatchSiri04-19-09  08:37 pm
Wittnauer Geneve Men's WatchBrenthunt04-17-09  05:55 pm
Longines 18K Yellow goldZaf04-16-09  06:48 pm
Is this watch worth fixing?Zaf04-14-09  01:25 pm
Is this watch worth fixing?Jayd04-14-09  12:29 pm
GirodZaf04-03-09  04:41 pm
Ladies Patek Philippe 14k bracelet watchSrbooth04-03-09  01:58 am
GruenZaf04-01-09  12:24 pm
Old esprit watchBadluck7304-01-09  08:26 am
Collection of 4 RadosZaf04-01-09  07:28 am
Need help! is this a wrist or pocket watch?Zaf03-29-09  03:31 pm
Paul Buhre 14K 17 jewels Ladies WatchZaf03-26-09  03:46 pm
Old Saxonia Prima Sport (Record Watch Co. powered)?Zaf03-26-09  08:58 am
Can some one tell me how old this watch is pleaseZaf03-25-09  07:06 am
18k gold ladies Constellation Automatic ChronometerDlpeaco03-22-09  06:05 pm
Dating Nardin #362200Zaf03-20-09  08:40 am
WATCH VALUE SEIKO SPN054Zaf03-18-09  11:50 am
Vintage Zenith with a very rare movement numberZaf03-18-09  11:49 am
Longines Automatic Conquest Calendar Lsteiner03-05-09  05:29 am
Dwelsa pocket watch value and ageZaf03-03-09  09:07 am
Ladies LC watch with unusual caseCatcherbob02-27-09  03:30 am
Girard-Perregaux Gyromatic / Lucerne 1/5 Pocket TimerZaf02-26-09  06:58 pm
Benrus Series #9021 WatchZaf02-26-09  06:57 pm
Zenith chronographHahanna02-21-09  05:59 pm
Vintage RolexZaf02-21-09  04:42 pm
Value of womens Longines wrist watch w/DiamondsZaf02-21-09  04:40 pm
Piaget 70sZaf02-21-09  04:39 pm
Longines with DiamondsGregb02-18-09  04:13 am
Timor Pocket Watch 17 JewelsSierchio02-17-09  09:55 am
PLEASE HELLPAfaur02-13-09  01:52 pm
Vacheron Constantin Gold ladies watch Zaf02-13-09  09:53 am
Vintage Zenith WatchZaf10 02-12-09  11:06 am
OmegaOpenseahorse12 02-10-09  04:59 am
Cartier Tank CintreeRenat02-09-09  11:59 pm
GPZaf02-06-09  02:45 pm
Vintage omegasZaf02-06-09  02:41 pm
HELP!! what watch is this? is it worth anything?Tanjwb02-06-09  10:19 am
Vintage Ladies Bulova Watch 14KJimh02-06-09  08:19 am
What are they worth?Zaf02-05-09  09:05 am
1920's vintage windsor swissPeanut71501-29-09  06:34 pm
Omega Solid 14k Gold wrist watch MansBig_jon01-29-09  11:04 am
RADO Loggit01-27-09  12:14 am
1940's 10k gf Lecoultre valueCatcherbob01-22-09  04:34 pm
Jean D'Eve Sectora 1988 Real or Fake?Zaf01-22-09  01:50 pm
I have a unique watch Zaf01-09-09  06:58 am
Benrus Citation 10K GF 757864 Value?Rhroyer01-08-09  05:59 pm
JLC Mark XZaf01-08-09  09:30 am
MH ChronauticArtinfo01-07-09  01:27 am
Eska Ladies WatchZaf01-06-09  04:20 pm
Men's LeCoultre Watch Value?Zaf01-06-09  04:15 pm
Vintage Cyma wristwatch valueRital01-06-09  08:40 am
1950 Butex appraisal2reef01-05-09  08:49 pm
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