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(Adapted from the Stowa website)

The story of STOWA begins with Walter Storz. In 1927, he decided to branch out from his father's large watch factory in Hornberg/Kinzigtal, Germany, and establish his own company. The name he chose for his new company was taken from his own name: S-T-O being the first letters of his surname, and W-A being the first letters of his first name. It goes without saying that Walter Storz's talent for arranging things beautifully extended well beyond letters.

Encouraged by the success of STOWA, Walter Stowa enlarged the scope of his business in 1935 and began manufacturing his watches in a small rented space located in Pforzheim, Germany. In 1938, STOWA was successful enough that he built his own factory. In just eleven years, STOWA had made for itself a global reputation as the maker of quality timepieces.

On February 23, 1945, the STOWA factory was destroyed. Undeterred, Walter Storz promptly began construction on another factory. While construction was under way, he moved his company to Rheinfelden, Germany, where he continued to manufacture his watches. Among other design inventions, STOWA created shock protection (RUFA), which is still used in many PUW and Durowe watch movements today.

After WWII, when construction of the new factory in Pforzheim was complete,Walter Storz kept both factories open, which exponentially increased watch production. Exports rose almost 50%, and STOWA watches were distributed to nearly 80 countries worldwide.

In the early 1960s, Walter Storz's son, Werner, joined STOWA. Werner Storz's primary responsibility was to relieve his father of the strenuous overseas trips. For three decades, Werner Storz successfully managed STOWA, until he found a successor in Jörg Schauer, whose philosophy was in keeping with the intentions of the Storz family. Since taking over, Jörg Schauer has continued the uninterrupted manufacture of STOWA watches. The STOWA brand still exists today.

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